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Intern Development Program

Welcome to the Intern Development Program (IDP) page! This page is designed to help those on the path to licensure, supervisors and mentors wade through the IDP process and answer all of your questions.

Remember, in order to obtain a Florida license, you must complete IDP. Consider this an important step on your path to licensure. Below you will find links to IDP information, a quick PowerPoint presentation, helpful contacts, and more. Visit the IDP Toolkits for downloadable guidelines and forms. When you're ready, visit the Architect's Registration Exam (ARE) page for more information on taking, and passing, the ARE exam.

Overview of IDP - CLICK HERE to learn more.


Florida Registration Board Requirements
CLICK HERE to view the Florida requirements for licensure.

AIA Reference
CLICK HERE for more information.

Need Help?

Florida's Architect Licensing Advisor

Linaea Floden, Assoc. AIA

Gresham, Smith and Partners


­Component Advisors

New information coming soon!

Educator Advisors

­Educator Advisors are appointed by the dean of each NAAB-accredited architecture school. They are responsible for distributing information and providing guidance to students at their school on the IDP and the path to licensure.



Florida A&M University
Michael Alfano Jr., AIA
Phone: (850) 385-5916

University of Florida
Karl Thorne, FAIA
Phone: (808) 956-3506­

Florida Atlantic University
John Sandell, Assoc.­AIA
Phone: (954) 762-5066

University of Miami
Jan Hochstim, AIA
Phone: (305) 666-0966

Florida International University
Nathaniel Belcher, AIA
Phone: (305) 348-1884

University of South Florida
Michael Halflants, AIA
Phone: (813) 974-6014



Total Application Fee: $350*

This fee keeps your Record active for the first three years and includes one free transmittal of your Record for initial registration.

Student or Recent Graduate (within 6 months): $100 to start

If you are a student or have graduated within six months of when you establish an NCARB Record, you may split the $350 into two payments. You may pay $100 when you start your Record and wait to pay the rest ($250) when you are ready to have your Record transmitted to a jurisdiction or when you request an Authorization to Test for the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®). The initial fee keeps your Record active for the first three years after graduation.

Annual Maintenance Fee: $75*

There is an annual maintenance fee assessed after the first three years. It costs $60 each year to maintain your Record until you become registered.

Additional IDP Transmittal: $300*

This fee applies if you require an additional transmittal of your IDP NCARB Record for initial registration.

*Fees subject to change.

IDP Toolkit


Mentorship is the final piece of the architecture puzzle required to become a well-rounded professional in the field. It is as important who you choose to be your mentor as it is to choose where to go to college, and it needs to be viewed as such by both parties.

Getting your professional degree is an important task, but it can only get you to 50% of your total educational needs as an architect. Getting to 100% requires real life practice where you learn about the details and processes that you cannot go over in school. It is far too easy to learn bad habits if you do not have a qualified mentor assisting you along the way. When looking for that first internship it is essential to know who you are going to be working under and how they practice architecture. Look around your area for people who inspire you, and find time to talk with them. This is where networking and mentorship programs within the AIA are extremely important. It is imperative that the membership is active within their community so that they can encourage the up-and-coming architects and keep the talented people from leaving the area in order to seek inspirational fulfillment. A thriving architectural community is based upon making connections and fostering growth within the graduates coming into the workforce.

A note for the emerging professionals: NEVER hesitate to ask. One thing common to all great architects is they love talking about what they do. It is that passion that gets amazing projects built.­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­

Trevor Boyle, Associate, AIA

Associate Director at Large

HuntonBrady Architects

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